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Sex and the City meets

Matchaholics devilishly follows four women through their online dating trials and tribulations. Wild stories of random encounters, the struggles and hilarity of online dating, and the loyalty of dear friendships unfold. The main character has been sentenced to weekly matchaholics therapy after her sexcapades in a public fountain. She eagerly pulls her three closest girlfriends into her world of online dating, sex and relationships. Throw in lots of wine and the drama heats up quickly. 

The women encounter some very interesting men out there. Short, balding, yummy, boarish, cheap, sexy, easy, handsome, drunk, way older than their pictures!, sweet, adventurous and even one guy who loves pie throwing. True story. All kinds of men... all kinds of crazy dating stories.

Weekly rehab meetings replete with online dating addicts' stories add dimension to the hysterical exploits! Sunday brunch and the girls' close-knit friendship bring sincerity to the craziness that develops during the search for ultimate happiness.


Written with joined love and hope by two authors who found each other on, many of the situations in the book were inspired by true stories.

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Wayne Whicher and Patty Farrell

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"I really enjoyed this book - so much so that I couldn't put it down until I got to the end. Great characters, fun plots and addictive storytelling. Looking forward to the sequel!"

"Loved this book so much! Actually made me laugh out loud. So much that people can relate to. You won't be disappointed and will want all your friends to read it too!"

"A virtual smorgasbord of stunning sensuality and raw lust, this is a book you won't be able to put down until the last page!"

"This book was so much fun to read, I absolutely cannot wait for the sequel! I burst out laughing many times and can only imagine how much fun the authors must have had writing this book. As a (happily) married woman of 10 years, I had forgotten some of the joys (and miseries) of single life searching for a soulmate. This book brought me back to those days; living vicariously through each character as she encounters each new prospect. Some of the tales are romantic, some devastating, while others unfathomable. I was swept away on each character's quest for happiness."