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Matcha Set

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Matcha Included

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Our Matchaholics® Set contains all the essentials you need to jumpstart your matcha journey. It comes with your matcha of choice, a ‘chawan’ (glass bowl), and a ‘chai-re’ (bamboo caddy) containing a ‘chasen’ (bamboo whisk) and ‘chashaku’ (bamboo scoop).

The beautiful double-wall glass bowl comes with a spout to make lovely pours and to end the wasteful, messy spills. It has a double-wall design so you don’t burn your hand while displaying the gorgeous green color of your matcha. 

The bamboo wares are entirely handmade and Earth-friendly, very portable to bring along anywhere you want to enjoy your matcha. The whisk has a hollow center, eliminating the need for a whisk stand and reducing the risks of molds. It also comes in an optimal size, a perfect fit when whisking matcha in a chawan, mug or cup. 

This artisanal set is not only a perfect addition to your collection but also makes a grand gift to all kinds of matcha drinkers. Whether you’re a connoisseur, an enthusiast, a new matcha convert, or a curious drinker, this set is sure to jumpstart your way to a healthier lifestyle with the world’s most supercharged green tea. 

Inclusion: Matcha, Bamboo Caddy, Bamboo Whisk, Bamboo Scoop, Double-wall Glass Bowl With Spout

Care: Handwash only in running water and with mild soap. Airdry and keep in a cool, dry place.